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Today is February 18, 2018
Simplot started a revolution in foodservice with the invention of the frozen french fry. Now, it is one of the leaders in the manufacture of different agricultural products in the United States of America. With its innovative product line, you�ll never look at French fries the same way again.
Simplot Blue Ribbon Fries (Extra Premium)
Simplot Blue Ribbon fries have set the fast-food standard for french fries. They are 40-45% longer than bargain fries, delivering better plate coverage for up to 15 more servings per case.
Simplot Conquest Clear 5/16 Coated Fries
Thicker and longer than shoestring fries, Simplot Conquest Clear Coated Fries has a natural, skin-on appeal combines elegant presentation with hearty potato taste.
Simplot BD Skin-On Fries
Simplot Savory Coated Straight Cut
3/8 Straight cut fries with savory batter flavor that gives a signature look and taste of onion, garlic and natural flavors. 6 bags x 2.26 kilos 6 x 2.26kg per case .
Simplot Skin Credibles 3/8 Straight Cut Skin-On
Shoestring fries with a natural, skin-on appeal combines elegant presentation with hearty potato taste.
Simplot Savory Lattice Cut
Crispy lattice cut fries with a savory batter flavor. A perfect complement to any burger, chicken, steak or fish entrée.
Simplot Natural Crisp Slices
Thin and crispy potato slices that are made with real sea salt for outstanding, mouthwatering flavor.
Simplot Skin Credibles Natural Wedges
Fried potatoes with distinctive shape and homemade appearance for a welcome change from the usual straight cuts.
Simplot Tri-Taters Fries
Triangular-shaped potato patties that are easy to portion, and are great for every meal.
Simplot Savory Loops Twister Fries
Twister fries with savory batter flavor for a unique french fries dining experience. Good to pair with any creamy dipping sauce like ranch or blue cheese dressing for a flavorful appetizer.
Simplot Sweet Potato Entree Fries
Sweet potato fries are exceptionally versatile across the menu and cuisine types, and definitely a healthier choice for potato cravings.
Simplot Bent Arm Sidewinders Fries
A distinct signature french fries item, the unique shape and fun plating potential of Sidewinders fried potatoes will attract attention as a one-of-a-kind dining experience.
Simplot Bent Arm Beer Battered Fries
Created with true craft beer that features premium Apollo hops and two-row malt, Simplot Bent Arm Ale Beer Battered Fries deliver a distinct, rich flavor and appearance unlike the rest.
Simplot Bent Arm Onion Rings
Made from the flawless, round layers of Vaquero Sweet Spanish Onions, Simplot Bent Arm Ale Craft Beer Battered Onion Rings feature just the right amount of true craft beer batter for a perfect crunch every time.
Simplot Frozen Avocado Guacamole
Our Supreme Pulp is made with 100% Hass avocado. This delicious avocado pulp adds value to items like sandwiches, wraps, omelets and more. It also provides a versatile base for your signature guacamole recipes and dips. 6 bags x 1.36 Kilos 6 x 1.36kg per case
Thin sliced potatoes made of a signature batter with spicy flavor profile and lasting crunch. Definitely an attention-grabbing appetizer, or a perfect side with buffalo wings.
Skin Credibles Potato Chips
Light and crisp potato chip that is perfect with dips and seasonings. An ideal appetizer with their versatility and irresistible appeal.
Fiesta 10 Cut Wedges
Fried potatoes with a Spicy jalapeno flavored batter that gives customers a hot, crispy fry they can enjoy with or without ketchup.