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Today is February 18, 2018
Mydibel is a family-owned Belgian manufacturer of frozen and chilled potato fries and frozen potato specialities. With its inception 25 years ago, they typically processes about 2,000 tons of potatoes per day. Most of the output goes to the private label sector in export markets around the world.
Mydibel ABC
Mydibel ABC is great with kids and toddlers with its unique alphabets. Young tots can now enjoy learning while they dine with their favourite fried snack.
Mydibel Crinkle Cut
Mydibel Happy Faces
Another adorable snack for kids and toddlers, Mydibel Happy Face will surely bring joy to children’s faces. Kids can now enjoy a new way of dining, as they creatively explore what’s in store on their plates.
Mydibel Hash Browns
Mydibel Hash Brown is versatile to prepare and eat, whether at home or outside. With its exquisite taste and texture, this can be a perfect pair for breakfast or whenever your craving kicks in.
Mydibel Potato Hearts
A unique yet creative looking snack that’s great for everyone. Mydibel Potato Hearts will surely bring love to everyone with its unusual presentation yet delightful taste.
Mydibel Shoestring
Mydibel shoestring fries is the perfect french fries snack for at home. Easy to fry and maintain in the fridge, children and adults can enjoy a delightful plate of fries at home at any time of the day.