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Today is January 23, 2018
The cook-it-yourself French Fries, with different shapes and sizes for your needs and consumption.
Frenchies Super Long Party Pack
The right choice for your party needs that comes in 2kg pack, so everyone can have their fill of scrumptious french fries.
Frenchies Crispy Coated Zesty Fries
Specially coated french fries to make them extra crispy, and will surely satisfy your cravings.
Frenchies Kilo Pack
Comes in 1kg pack of french fries, Frenchies Kilo Pack is suitable as snack for movie-nights at home.

15 x 1kg per case
Frenchies Crinkle Cut
Frenchies Crinkle Cut gives a little excitement on your plate that really holds the ketchup.

24 x 350g per case
Frenchies Funsize
The cook-it-yourself french fries now comes in 4 flavors: Plain, Cheese, Barbeque and Sour Cream. All are available in your leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.
Hash Brown
Hashbrowns can also be cooked by yourself. A perfect complement for breakfast or any meal.