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Today is January 23, 2018
Broccoli Florets
Classic Birds Eye vegetables to complete your delicious meals. Good to pair as a side dish or as a main course to your dining experience.
Corn Kernels
Birds Eye Corn Kernels are sweet, juicy and can be paired with any dish available for dining. Freshly picked Australian corn snap frozen within hours of harvesting, corn kernels are a delightful yet nutritious treat for everyone.
Garden Peas
Birds eye Garden Peas are freshly picked Australian peas snap frozen within hours of harvesting. They are sourced from Australia so they are bursting with fresh flavors and nutrients
Garden Mix
Not only is Birds Eye Garden Mix a versatile mix of vegetables to keep in your freezer, but there's also not a single gram of cholesterol to be found. So if you're watching what you eat, this is the perfect and delicious vegetable combination on your plate.
Chinese Value Pack
Birds Eye Chinese Value Pack is made of mixed vegetables, and can be made or cooked in any style you like. The quick and simple way to enjoy stir fry any night of the week.
Chopped Spinach
Birds Eye spinach is pre-prepared in easy to use portions making it a convenient addition to your meal. With no additional preservatives, this is a nutrious treat for your family with good source of fibre.
Baby Peas
Birds Eye Baby Peas are more than just small, sweet and juicy. They are tested and frozen to its finest outcome for everyone to taste and love in every mouthful.